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Muscle Machines In Retail - Piece O' Cake...

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we are thrilled that the MM can now be found in the market after an agonizingly long wait prior to finding a new home with maisto.

to be able to have product at retail 6 months after our deal was finalized is remarkable given some of the obstacles we had.

but the product is there, not without a couple of hiccups along the way.




our original 2012 line-up consisted of 44 e-sheets: 4 1:18 die-cast, 4 1:18 R-C (2 versions of 2 models), 9 1:24, 21 1:64 (3 series of 6 each + 1 chase), and 6 different build-up 3 packs.

that's a lot of content to coordinate and generate.

aside from the e-sheets, we had to find all the tooling in China, work with Rohan in Australia for the 1:64 images, and prepare information for sales, including samples, show prep, etc.

and then the fun really starts - sales gets some an inquiry from an international retailer - we want 1/18, and we want it NOW!

um, ok.

but we only have 4 titles planned, and thats not really enough for a promotion.

so we decided to add a 2nd color in 1:18 (now 48 e-sheets).

then we meet with TRU, and they were all over MM, and we were all over them being all over MM, so we offered them 2 exclusives: the 1:18 1933 ford 3 window coupe would be theirs alone, and the 1:24 1941 willy's coupe would get a special color.

AND, for the 10 1:24 they were buying, we would include a rohan day sticker inside.

so now we are at 50 e-sheets.

because we are gluttons for punishment, we decided to include some titles in our assortment for the Harley-Davidson dealers.


yes, we have a number of ford titles that we use h-d decos on, pay both masters, and the product sells pretty good.

so at the just completed show last week, we offered a 1:18 r/c, a 1:24, and 3 different 1:64 2-packs. those 8 push the initial 2012 product offer to 58 unique titles.


we had 100's of people internally chasing these 58 e-sheets, all with their own priorities.

and, as it turns out, we had a mess up.

a pretty bad one, considering it was our first shipment.

but being under a time restriction caused us to make a shipment of product before the paint was completely dry.

the item that was most affected was the 41 willies with the fuel injected engine.

the engine stacks are too high for the package, and it caused the paint to rub off.

this, coupled with the fact that we rushed the product out before it was completely dry caused our 1st shipment of 1:18 to be not up to our expectations.

future shipments of this title will not include this engine, thereby eliminating the rubbing on the top of the package.

that, plus having a little more time to check the product before it goes out will take care of any future bad shipments.

additionally, we have inspected and gotten rid of any bad inventory in our warehouse, and we have been working with our dealers to correct any issues they might have had.

all in all, we are pretty pleased with what we have accomplished.

and now, we move on to the 85+ e-sheets for 2013.


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John Lamm
John Lamm
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John Lamm Wednesday, 05 September 2012

I had posted on this earlier but my post has disappeared. So i will try again. I picked up the TRU chase 1/24 and 1/18 tonight and they look awesome! Will there be more chase cars in these scales? I also had an idea for you guys. What if you had a promotion where a member of the Maisto Club buys a MM and then redeems a code here for a larger version, i.e. poster size, of Rohan's srtwork? That would be pretty cool! Looking forward to the 2013 line already!

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